Fearless Warrior Felines
Welcome to A Fearless Warrior Feline RPG! If your sick if RPing with dogs, birds, etc, and your ready for something new, this is the place! Here, there are multiple friendly cats, and kittens alike that will be glad the share tongues with you! So why don't you join the party? It'll just become alittle better with you.

Fearless Warrior Felines

You! Yeah you! You a warrior fan? Well hey! Your in the right place! c;
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 New and Adventurous

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PostSubject: New and Adventurous   New and Adventurous Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 1:27 am

Hi, I am Spiritshadow, or otherwise known as Amyel Kitten.

I am a human who can transform into multiple animals, but my main animal form is a cat, but that is not important.

I am very adventurous, and love learning new things. I enjoy drawing, reading, writing and singing. I am very creative and have a good imagination. I prefer pop, country, celtic, and soft rock music. I never listen to Heavy metal and Rock 'n' roll. I make an exception for Oranthi's "According to you" though. I love swimming, cycling, climbing, hiking, and hanging upside down. I play video games every now and then and I love roleplaying.

I wish everyone a great day!
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New and Adventurous
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