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 Life of the Vampires: The Next Twilight

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PostSubject: Life of the Vampires: The Next Twilight   Life of the Vampires: The Next Twilight Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 2:53 am

This is a roleplay version of Twilight but we are different characters from those in the movies. We all currently roam in North America. We can be one of three; a vampire, a werewolf (Shape-shifter), a hybrid (like Renesmee), or a human that hangs out with the vampires, like Bella did. You can have four characters, one of each species. The Volturi still rule over the vampire world but they are having problems keeping the coven together. In this roleplay you can have characters that are from the movie, but they are not permanently yours to control. Movie characters are publicly controled by all roleplayers if the previous roleplayer is unavailable, or will be passed on after five of that roleplayer's replies to this topic. You can also create temporary characters but they can only last three pages, but can be brought back after five more pages. Vampires can have second gifts as long as they aren't highly powerful. Your main character will last till the roleplay ends. I will now create my first character:

Name: Amyel
Gender: female
Age: 27 and a half
Species: Human-Vampire hybrid
Gift (If vampire or hybrid): Element control, Emotion and pain sensing
Description: Long curly blonde hair and blue eyes, has very pale skin. Height of 5'7, weighs 139 pounds. Wears darker colors and often has her hair up.
Personality: Calm, kind, gentle, loves music and dancing, enjoys swimming and hiking. Loves to read, write and draw.
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Life of the Vampires: The Next Twilight
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