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 The scent of Caraway

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PostSubject: The scent of Caraway   The scent of Caraway Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2012 11:35 pm

Name: Caraway
Nicknames: Cara, Cheese, Chez
Age: 16 moons
Mate: -
Kits: -
Affiliation/Status: Friendly rogue
Current home: Living in the streets in a Twoleg neighbourhood, where she visits them often
Personality: warm, friendly, worrisome, perfectionist
Description: Cinnamon-coloured she-cat with a white tipped tail and white paws. Has long, soft whiskers that make her sneeze a lot. Her nose is very pink. She has clear, deep blue eyes.
Talents: Fending for herself; hunting, finding shelter, scouting out herbs
Weaknesses: Pathetic in battle; always finds a way to hide in the back because she was never trained.
Special Traits: Always smells nice, like something baked. It's probably because her home is behind this granny's house and she's always making some sort of pastry.
History: Started out as a forest cat, living in a small group without a name (actually they called themselves the Stalking Trolls, but she didn't like it :huhohi: ). She was called Honeynose there. Her friends and littermates were with her, sharing a home behind the fence of the Twolegs. The group was attacked by badgers one day and they scattered. The whereabouts of the other cats aren't known, though most of them managed to leap over the fence or flee deep into the woods. She landed in the backyard of a friendly Twoleg's home. The Twoleg was a nice, middle-aged woman who lived alone and loved cats (O_O). She claimed the name Caraway for her uniquely tan fur and they grew up together. Caraway always disappears into the forest for food during the day, half-heartedly searching for her friends, too. She always reappears in the lady's backyard by the end of the day, though. She sleeps inside on days with precipitation, but other than that, she has a burrow in the hydrangea bushes. Sometimes, she will wander off in the streets and let the young Twolegs pet her and feed her delicious bits of their food.
Caraway's obnoxious sister who's always doing something unproductive and annoying. After the badger attack, there was a rumour that she'd found a forest Clan not far off the fence, a large group of cats called ThunderClan.
She has ginger fur and the trademark eye colour of the family; pale green with golden flecks. The only kit to inherit the quality, she used to brag about it to the others, which was where her modesty came from.
The only tom in the litter, he was always a quiet and subdued cat. He was the only one who didn't make it out of the camp when the badgers attacked. Many say he died, as his blood was found near the site. His body was never discovered, though, so there is still hope that he's around.
He is easy to mistake for a rock; he has rough, dark grey fur and blue eyes.
The kits' mother. Always very protective of her kits, she was killed by the badgers as she tried to get Gorseflame out of camp. She is buried under the oak tree that shielded the camp.
She had a brownish-ginger pelt and pale, green eyes which carried traces of gold. They always said she was the perfect mother; wise, caring and intelligent.
Specklefrost's mate and the kits' father. In the attack, his leg was badly injured, but he crawled under the fence and made it into the Twoleg nest. The Twolegs took him to the vet, where his leg was amputated. He now goes to various nursery schools, entertaining the young Twolegs.
He has white fur with dark grey paws. His eyes are blue. They named him Coalfoot because his pads would always start black at the beginning of the day, turn raw and red when he walked a lot, and end up white when he slept because of the dust that clung to the stones in the camp entrance.

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PostSubject: Re: The scent of Caraway   The scent of Caraway Icon_minitimeSat Aug 18, 2012 12:44 am

Wow! This is really good! (: Very descriptive too! O: The pictures are cool. (;

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The scent of Caraway
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