Fearless Warrior Felines
Welcome to A Fearless Warrior Feline RPG! If your sick if RPing with dogs, birds, etc, and your ready for something new, this is the place! Here, there are multiple friendly cats, and kittens alike that will be glad the share tongues with you! So why don't you join the party? It'll just become alittle better with you.

Fearless Warrior Felines

You! Yeah you! You a warrior fan? Well hey! Your in the right place! c;
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 Your Shop Inventory!

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Your Shop Inventory! Empty
PostSubject: Your Shop Inventory!   Your Shop Inventory! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2012 12:21 am

Claw Points

Here you can buy updates, improvements, etc for your cat/wolf on FWF! If you don’t know the amount of clan points you have, look at your profile. If you want more, make more posts, and topics to earn them

Your Own Personal Smile Emoticon-


Fearless Warrior Name Change-


Your Own Clan!-


Due to low number of members, the price of this is abnormally high since I currently don’t want/need any new clans. Though if you somehow make this amount (WOW) I will make you a clan. When more members come, I will lower the price.

Switch Clan - 1000CP

To purchase anything from the Claw Shop, please PM the Head Administrator, Fell.
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Your Shop Inventory!
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