Fearless Warrior Felines
Welcome to A Fearless Warrior Feline RPG! If your sick if RPing with dogs, birds, etc, and your ready for something new, this is the place! Here, there are multiple friendly cats, and kittens alike that will be glad the share tongues with you! So why don't you join the party? It'll just become alittle better with you.

Fearless Warrior Felines

You! Yeah you! You a warrior fan? Well hey! Your in the right place! c;
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 Your Site Rules.

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Your Site Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Your Site Rules.   Your Site Rules. Icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2012 8:53 pm

New here? Read the FWF Rules!

1. No cussing. Please, if you don't say it in front of your mother, it's not worth to say it here. Cats don't cuss.

2. Be kind. Kindness is always welcome. If you're rude in anyway, you will be given warnings. If continued, banned. Please no rude comments.

3. No Links. Links are only allowed if approved by an Admin. They should be Warrior Cats related.

4. Post in the right spot. The categories are there for a reason, read the description to know where to post. If you have a topic that is not stated, ask and Admin or Mod to see where it would be appropiate.

5. No "rolling" conversations. Please no 1-5 word posts. If you just need to say 'yeah' or 'okay sure' it's not worth it.

6. No double posting. Fit everything in one post.

7. Use proper grammar. This isn't texting, it's a forum where we like to read normal, non-text words. Leave text lang for your phones. Write like you would if you were writing a book.

8. No personal conversations on topics. If you have anything to say that's private or personal, use PM's.

9. You must have a warrior name. This is a warriors RPG website, not a human RPG website. If you don't have one your account will be deleted at my decision, though we will supply a warrior name change for free if you joined with a human name.

10. No spamming. Anywhere. It's annoying. Please. No spamming.

11. HAVE FUN !!

Fell, Admin, FWF!
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Your Site Rules.
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